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TSquared Marketing Inc. is a forward thinking Marketing, Advertising & Management Consulting company focused on growth and accessibility. Built from the ground up with ingenuity and creative thinking, our Sales and Marketing company is always looking for the next new and exciting endeavor while also staying true to ourselves and our own ideals.


    • Marketing and Advertising

    Tsquared has one of the most dynamic and experienced marketing teams in the industry. We are constantly searching for the best strategy for each individual company. Each experience is tailor-made to get your company's name trending in the right circles.

    • Sales Team Building

    We value you as a person and the unique skill set you provide. We are a company that listens to the needs of the employees and are open to dialogue on how to move the company forward together. We are looking for you to help build a strong sales team.

    • Management Consulting

    Whether working with a large multinational corporation or a small family-owned business, the focus is on the individual and how to help them achieve their goals. We combine this understanding of the needs of today’s businesses with extensive experience in what it really takes to change behavior. We are skilled at getting to the core of the problem and identifying strategies for change. We work through the obstacles in order to change the behaviors that have the greatest payoff for the individual and the organization.

    • Soft Skills Job Training

    Competencies like communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving underpin almost every facet of business operations. Soft skills are crucial for gaining new clients, improving customer service metrics, and building a stronger team dynamic.

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